Chen Hong
Last updated: May 14, 2005

Chenhong (Tin Hirosi)

University of Electro-Communications, Graduate School of Electronic Engineering, Ueno Laboratory
Graduate student (master-course)

My introduction, February, 2004

The reason I chose to study the electronic engineering and decided to join this laboratory
After working in a design institute of chemical industry for 4 years more, I feel that my life was always the same and lacking of challenges. I want to learn more advanced knowledge and experience different life. This lab is young and vigorous. In this kind of condition I think I can study efficiently and happily.

Technical and/or scientific fields that I have studied very well and/or specific experiences that I am proud of
I had worked in China 2nd chemical industrial design institute for nearly 5 years. As its name, the projects designed are mainly about chemical industry, sometimes civil buildings as well. Every project was divided into several parts and each part was charged by a group. I was in the group responsible for the power distribution. We use a kind of software named `autocad` to design the blueprint. Each blueprint will be examined by 3 grades. Only if the blueprint completed the architectural workers and other required workers can begin their work. According to the different architectural construction and system requirement, through calculation we decide all materiales needed which need power supplement. such as, high-voltage cable, motor, transformer, switch box, even every wire and a little bulb. Also we decide the position of all devices and how the cable goes to every facility. In every project, we must consider more for safe insurance extra.
Because my forepassed job has little relationship with opto-electronic, what I do before was history already. Now that chose I will make great efforts, I hope that I will be proud of most of things that I do later.

Research topics and/or research directions that I want to study in this laboratory and my (long-term) hopes and/or targets
I want to study something with more practice instead of completely abstract theory. I'd like what I research has a result. At first I give myself a direction about communication. But it is not the final decision.

My career plan after completing the master-course in this laboratory
I want to find a promising job in a big company correlate with communication. I hope to be more useful and work happily.

Hobbies in my private life
So many! Enjoy the music, Movie (My most favourate actores are Tom HanksAJim Carrey and Jacky Chan), I like playing table tenies and go skating. When I was at home alone I would like reading, I was easily attracted by science fiction. I like all beautiful things!

Birthplace or the cities that I long lived in the past
China Shanxi province Taiyuan city, which was called 'coal sea' because of rich coal store. Also famous for delicious vinegar and wine.

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