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Kyohei Hirai @

University of Electro-Communications Ueno.lab
Master course research student in 2011

Self-introduction, 2009/12/05


When I was junior high school student, I became interested in music and wanted to contribute music business.
After I entered University of Electro-Communications (UEC), next generation music player like IPod, video sharing site like You Tube became common.
From those changes of the time, I thought the demand of data communication must increase, and data communication contribute not only music but also many areas.
In these process, I wanted to research about ultrafast data communication, and selected ueno lab.

Favorite science technology, special subject, experimental experience, etc

My favorite special subjects are quantum mechanics and modern physics.
In quantum mechanics, photoelectric effect is the most interesting for me. I was surprised that light, which has no weight, has momentum.
In modern physics, theory of special relativery impressed me.
I couldn't believe the factors, "the time of moving material is delayed.", "the length of moving material is shortened.".
However, what I was impressed the best is that material has huge energy (E=mc^2).
Conidering what this equation(E=mc^2) indicates, I think this equation has huge effect to many area.

Desired research in Ueno.lab

I don't decide clearly. However, I want to research about high bit rate optical clock pulse or optical gate.

Plan after graduation

I want to study in graduate school, because one year is short to study special knowledge and research.


Music, Anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! (Card game)

Sagamihara in Kanagawa

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