Stefani Dyasih Ruswanti
Last updated: October 3rd, 2011

Stefani Dyasih Ruswanti

University of Electro-Communications, Graduate School of Electronic Engineering, Ueno Laboratory.
Jasso-scholarship, one-year-long exchange student in the Master Course.

Biography, September 2011


Hello, please call me Stefani. I born in Bandung, a city 2 hours away from the capital of Indonesia. I am took Bachelor and Master Degree at (what I think as) the best university in Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology (indonesian: Institut Teknologi Bandung.) I took Control Engineering as my major when I was Bachelor degree, and then I switched to Power Engineering in Master Degree.

My Bachelor degreefs final project is about the analysis of DC-DC Converter. I made a comparison between multiphased DC-DC converters and proposed a general equation that can determined which multiphase DC-DC converters should they used for their Application. My Supervisor is Prof. Pekik Argo Dahono, currently the head of Energy and Conversion Laboratory.

The reasons I chose to come to UEC and take on study in Prof. Uenofs lab

I worked in Mexico as Engineer for 2 years before I took the master degree, and I think this experiment is awesome. I love sharing thought with other people from different culture because it enriched me. Prof. Ueno's laboratory works had been known as among the best in the world for their DISC (that I would mention as SOA-based MZI-like optical gate) research and I would like to know more and to learn more about this gate and its abilities. That is why I applied to JUSST exchange program to UEC. I also want to experience how it feels to do a research in a Japanese Research Laboratory. I hope that I can make a contribution in this laboratory. @@@@

Research interests and research direction in Prof. Uenofs lab

I am interested in Ueno Laboratory Research about ultra-fast-optical logic gates and all optical processors because of the advantage that saves energy and faster. My part of research is to create subroutine that generate optic signal-like pulses that consist of solitons. This subroutine would generate PRBS (pseudorandom binary signal) kind of pulses that can indentify a frequency behavior of a system that is modeled (that could be DISC gate). On the way of generating this subroutines, I would surely learn the DISC gate behavior and characteristic, dynamically or statically.

My interests and hobbies

I love travelling and reading good books. For sports I love swimming.

Contact Information
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