Pei Yu
Last updated: August 20th, 2008

Pei Yu

Ueno Laboratory, Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Electro-Communications (UEC)

Undergrad exchange student, Exchange-student program of UEC (JUSST)

Self introduction January 9th, 2008

Biography, Jan. 2008
I lived in Shenzhen city before having university. It is a city just beside Hong Kong. Benefited from that, Shenzhen city enjoys quite a high speed of modernization and in some districts it is very much internationalized.

I entered the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, in 2005, with the major of Optic-electronic Engineering. The university locates in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province.

From Nov. 2007, I joined the one-year exchange study at the University of Electro-communications in Tokyo, based on JUSST Program.

Why I chose Electronic Engineering
For the desire of searching for the intrinsic properties of substance, for the desire to contribute to society. In the other words, I wish I could focus on what that is close to essence and, at the same time, close to application. And in my mind, Electronic Engineering can be one of the junctions.

What I want to approach in Ueno Lab
Topics concerned with optics, of course. Besides personal interesting, ability, necessity, practicability, many many factors from the individual himself, from community and society, and from photon and electron should also be considered.

Badminton, Table tennis.

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Message to future exchange students, August 9th, 2008

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